Connex ProSight Full Kit (Camera+Tx+Rx)

638,05 CHF

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager


Das Kit beinhaltet die FPV Kamera, den Delay-Free Transmitter und den Robusten HD Receiver. Eignet sich perfekt für Drone-Racing.

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CONNEX™ ProSight is the missing link needed to usher in a new era in FPV racing.

CONNEX ProSight is all about transforming FPV drones into a completely new kind of immersive experience for beginners and experts alike. The Connex ProSight HD Vision Pack is a true game changer. It delivers unparalleled vision performance with delay-free wireless transmission. Its superior image quality combined with simple installation, smooth configuration and improved multi-pilot flying experience.

Now with our new and improved indoor version. Now with our new and improved indoor version, ProSight users can open the winter indoor racing season, with a new set of light handling features: HDR support in HP mode, Night mode and more.

- 720p30 HD Camera, with high-Dynamic Range sensor, and 2.8mm lens
- Receiver Unit outputs standard 720p60 over HDMI for reducing motion blur;
- Compatible with all popular HDMI based Goggles/monitor
- Digitally paired transmitter to receiver for crosstalk free flight
- Supported LOS range of 1000ft to 3000ft (300m to 1000m) varies with field conditions
- Advanced Frequency setup for multi-pilots: Automatic & manual modes, supporting 27 digital channels (FCC)
- System configuration via Bluetooth using Android/iOS app or through built-in OSD menu
- Advanced High-Definition spectator viewing mode
- Camera to HDMI receiver-out maximum latency of 26mS

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