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Artikelnummer: KW402DT

DLH400DT - Daylight Light Kit

A fixture for single ended 400 W daylight metal halide lamps with unrivaled focusing range and unequaled light quality.

Can be operated at 575 W with the same lamp when used in conjunction with the Dedolight DEB400D electronic ballast.

Matches optical design of the DP400 projection attachment for flawless performance.





- 1 x DLH402DT Light head, 400/575 W daylight/tungsten

- 1 x DEB402DT Flicker-free electronic ballast, 400/575 W (90 - 264 V AC)

- 1 x DEB400H Ballast holder with CLAMP-D

- 1 x DPOW400DT Cable, light head to ballast, 7 m (23 ft.)

- 1 x DPLS400 Light Shield Ring (Series 400)

- 1 x DBD400 Barn Door (Series 400)

- 1 x DSCK400 Scrim Kit (includes all Series 400 Scrims)

- 1 x DSCP400 Scrim Pouch (Series 400)

- 1 x DL400DHR-NB Metal-Halide Lamp 400/575W Daylight

- 1 x DCHD402W Transport Hard Case with Handle and Wheels

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