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3-Leuchten Kit Felloni/DLED4-BI

Dedolight Felloni - High Output

• 30 % more light in Standard version; even more in High-Output version
• 50 % less power consumption: 24 W instead of 50 W
• Improved color rendition: CRI up to 84 instead of 74
• Distance diffuser (1) reduces glare noticeably; identical light output with this diffuser in  
  comparison to the main competitive product without diffuser
• AC Adapter (1)
• Magnetic front frame for filter holder strips 
• Rainproof
• Power Input:
  Felloni Standard: AC 100 - 240 VAC, V - Mount, D-Tap and Sony NP-F or optional for
  Anton/Bauer Mount (TP-LONI-ABM).   
  Felloni High output: AC 100 - 240 VAC, V - Mount, D-Tap or optional for Anton/Bauer 
  Mount (TP-LONI-ABM). On High output and Bicolor NP-F mount is deactivated due to   
  higher consumption than NP-F battery can provide. 
• Standard dimmer module (on board). Removable for use with 2.5 m / 8’ cable (1) as hand 
• Can be upgraded with LCD or DMX module. A wireless dimming module is available.

40 W focusing LED light, bicolor

Separate dimming control adjusts the intensity with no color change. Focuses like a true dedolight from wide 60° to extremely narrow 4° clean beam – no stray light. 

Lets you put the light exactly where you want it without causing any extra unwanted shadows.
Works with all dedolight light shaping accessories and aspheric wide angle attachments (85° max. and still controllable focus) including DP1.1, DP2.1 and DP3.1 imagers which are similar to the well known dedolight projection attachments but with new dual condenser optics for higher transmission and perfect light distribution.



- 2 x DLED4-BI dedolight focusing LED light head, bicolor.

- 2 x DT4-BI Power supply for DLED4 bicolor light heads.

- 2 x DPLS Light shield ring.

- 2 x DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves).

- 1 x TP-DCOL-BI50HO Felloni dedocolor LED panel bicolor high output 50°.

- 1 x Felloni diffuser.

- 1 x Felloni power cables.

- 1 x Felloni AC Adapter.

- 1 x Felloni remote dimmer cables.

- 1 x TP-LONI-SBX42 Felloni soft box with 2 barn doors and 2 diffusers.

- 1 x TP-LONI-SBXGRID40 Felloni textile grid for soft box, 40°.

- 3 x DST dedolight stands.

- 1 x DBPSW Backpack, small, with transport wheels. Size: 63 x 50 x 30 cm Weight: 16,4 kg.

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