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DLED4/FELLONI (2x1) 3 Light kit with Backpack

Spezifikationen Kit:

- Abmessungen: 60 x 50 x 30 cm

- Gewicht: 20 kg


DLED 4 Highlights:

  • Perfect color in daylight and tungsten versions
  • Expanded bicolor range:
  • A great gift for mobile work, tuning from 2700K all the way
  • to above 6500K. Thus adapting to most ambient light situations without any filters. Easy fine-tuning for slightly warmer fill light
  • or somewhat colder back light – separating the background illumination by subtle color choices.
  • Dimming:
  • Proprietary dimming algorithms for smooth dimming, even at the low end
  • 16-bit dimming for special studio demands as option AC and DC ballasts
  • Battery operation:
  • High output – best efficiency – low power demands allow
  • mobile teams to operate for hours, totally independent from AC power supplies. Belt clip holds battery (V-lock or AB), as well as the battery ballast and comes with a stand mounting loop.
  • Studio versions also available as pole-operated and with DMX control
  • Unique light-/shadow-shaping accessories – most of these are especially designed to cooperate with our highly developed optical system
  • Tools to modify the light and color character. Such tools are available for all sizes of our lights.
  • Our experienced and highly qualified R&D team is the best
  • of all manufacturers of professional lighting equipment. With this extraordinary team we work continuously to improve color, light output, light character and the light-shaping accessories.


Felloni Spezifikationen:

  •  30 % more light in Standard version; even more in High-Output version
  • • 50 % less power consumption: 24 W instead of 50 W
  • • Improved color rendition: CRI up to 84 instead of 74
  • Distance diffuser (1) reduces glare noticeably; identical light output with this diffuser in comparison to the main competitive product without diffuser
  • AC Adapter (1)
  • Magnetic front frame for filter holder strips 
  • Rainproof
  • Power Input:
    • Felloni Standard: AC 100 - 240 VAC, V - Mount, D-Tap and Sony NP-F or optional for
    • Anton/Bauer Mount (TP-LONI-ABM).   
  • Felloni High output: AC 100 - 240 VAC, V - Mount, D-Tap or optional for Anton/Bauer 
  • Mount (TP-LONI-ABM). On High output and Bicolor NP-F mount is deactivated due to higher consumption than NP-F battery can provide. 
  • Standard dimmer module (on board). Removable for use with 2.5 m / 8’ cable (1) as hand dimmer.
  • Can be upgraded with LCD or DMX module. A wireless dimming module is available.


2 x DLED4-D focusing LED light head, daylight 

2 x DT4-D AC Power Supply for DLED4 Daylight

2 x DPLS Light Shield Ring

2 x DBD8 Standard 8-Leaf Barn Door
1 x TP-DCOL-50HO Felloni Dedocolor LED panel

1 x TP-LONI-SBX42 Softbox für Felloni
1 x TP-LONI-SBXGRID40 Textile Grid for Soft box 40°

1 x TP-OFFSET Offset Arm for Felloni with soft box
3 x DST Dedolight Stands
1 x DBPSLED Backpack, small with dividers for Felloni panel


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