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Artikelnummer: PL-5680

Quad-Channel Common Charger PL-5680


  • 4 channel simultaneously charging.For example,It takes 4h to charge 4pcs 100wh battery to full.
  • Compact in size, easy to carry. Adapted to various charging environments.
  • Charging indicator for each channel.Indicator light turns from red to green when fully charged.
  • No restrictions on battery type. Can charge Fxlion NP, AN and BP batteries at the same time.

Battery capacity Charging time
100wh battery 4.0h
130wh battery 5.3h
160wh battery 6.5h
190wh battery 8.0h
250wh battery 10.3h


Type PL-5680
Input 100-240VAC  47-63HZ
Charging Output 16.8V/2A(each channel)
Appliable V-mount battery/Gold-mount battery
Power 200W
Net Weight 1520g
Dimension 240(L)mm×182(W)mm×50(H)m
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