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Li-ion Battery Output Adapter

  • Special power solution for Arri skypanel 48V LED light.
  • 48V 10A power design,fully meet the use of Arri S60 460W power.
  • Use four pieces big capacity, high rate batteries, you can get maximum power working effect.
  • Two function:battery output adapter/charger. Totally achieve the function that one device could offer portable DC power bank and charging battery. Achieve the integration of charger function and adapter function perfectly.
  • Dual-channel 14.8V and dual-channel 24V,dual channel 48V output could work at the same time. Solve customer’s need to carry as less equipment as possible for outdoor shooting.
  • 24V/48V regulated output


4-ch Smart Fast Charger

  • Each channel charging output 16.8V/4A, could charge four pieces battery simultaneously.
  • Smart Charger function,  Show battery capacity percentage, capacity,charging voltage, charging current,remaining charging time,cycle when charge Smart series battery
  • Show charging voltage,charging current, and battery capacity when charge normal battery


DC adapter 14.8V / 24V / 48V work simultaneously
DC Input battery 14.8V*4
DC Output 48V/10A(MAX)
DC Output 24V/15A(MAX)
DC Output 14.8V*2/15A(MAX)
Power                              480W
Charger Charge four pieces battery simultaneously
Charging input 100~240VAC   47~63Hz
Charging output 16.8V/4.0A*4
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